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[ coordinates ] VIRGINIA + SPRING 2016 Feature Articles 10 The USO: An Icon Born of Necessity By Christian Pelusi The military needed a way to keep GIs out of trouble and their morale high during World War II. The USO was the answer. Another Day 43 Just at the USO By USO Staff A lot happens in 24 hours at USO centers around the world. Solving the Transition 70 Riddle By Eric Brandner The USO’s Transition 360 Alliance offers service members best-in-class services to help smooth the transition from military to civilian life. Away From Home 52 Home By Donna Miles When wounded, ill or injured service members at Fort Belvoir or NSA Bethesda need a break from hospitals and medical appointments, they can head to the USO’s Warrior and Family Centers. 14 18 22 For the Boys By Terese Schlachter USO hostesses provided young soldiers, sailors and Marines with light feet, willing ears and coffee. USO's New 72 The Exit Strategy By Joseph Andrew Lee RP/6 offers transitioning service members a concierge approach to finding the civilian resources they need as they prepare to leave the military. From the Ground Up By Paul X. Rutz Which USO was the first USO is up for debate, depending on the definition of “first.” Try to Bring America 56 'We to Them' By Sandi Moynihan The USO is innovating to reach more service members than ever before. Beyond the Resume 76 By Eric Brandner Hire Heroes USA offers service members Career Transition Workshops, but it doesn’t end there. Bob Hope: One-Man Morale Machine By Ann Oldenburg The comedian’s name became synonymous with USO for the decades he spent making the military laugh. The Kindness of Strangers 58 in Your Darkest Hour By Derek Turner Grieving the death of a loved one is always difficult, but the USO is there to help families’ of fallen service members. You Tell Me How 80 Can to Get …? By Kristin Baird Rattini Since 2008, Sesame Street and the USO have teamed up to help military kids thrive. GIs and 30 Coca-Cola, the USO By Samantha L. Quigley For 75 years, Coca-Cola and the USO have provided thirsty service members with a taste of home. The Ties that Bind ........................ 36 One Coca-Cola employee found her family also has history with the USO. the Drift 64 Addressing On + Patrol Staff Unlike during World War II, not every American today can claim to know someone who has served. USO CEO and President Dr. J.D. Crouch II wants the USO to start bridging the gap. USO2GO: Custom Kits 84 Deliver Expeditionary Support By Joseph Andrew Lee No USO center? No problem! USO2GO kits help us reach service members in remote areas. Hazardous Conditions 38 Beyond the Front Lines By Sheriece Matias Dick Being in harm’s way is a given on the battlefield, but in 1988, USO Naples found itself on the front lines of a new, urban battlefield. Still Serving 68 By Sandi Moynihan There may be fewer service members on the front lines today, but there will always be troops serving far from home—and the USO will be there for them. A Winning Team 88 By Elliott Smith The NFL-USO tour record stands at 50-0. Since 1966, NFL players and coaches have used their time outs to go on USO tours to boost service members’ morale. 2 | www.uso.org

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